Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for here, you can also browse our Resources Links. Or just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What are the steps of the process of hiring a maid in Singapore?

  1. Employer selects the maid agency
  2. Review the standard agreement and all costs involved
  3. Employer searches and selects the maid (some agencies facilitate telephone/video interviews)
  4. Employer attends the Employers Orientation Program
  5. Agency applies for work permit
  6. Employer buys personal accident insurance and post the security bond (most agencies can help)
  7. Agency collects the maid at the airport, arranges for medical check-up, sends her to safety awareness course test, thumb-print and photo-taking, attends to MOM documentation
  8. Maid agency collects the work permit card upon approval
  9. Employer collects the maid, work permit and passport from maid agency

Why do I need to engage a maid / employment agency?

A licensed maid or employment agency specializing in FDW has the knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive services to help an employer hire a maid. The maid agency will free the employer from the hassles of most of the process involved eg. work permit application, travel arrangements, medical screening, passport application, insurance, security bond.

What are the fees and costs involved in hiring a maid?

  1. Maid agency fee – this can vary between different agencies, depending on the maid’s nationality and the services provided.
  2. Service fees – : medical check-ups / work permit collection / door-to-door tasks / Employers Orientation Programme fees / safety awareness or settling-in programme / etc. (these may or may not be included in the maid agency fee).
  3. There are costs which the employer is responsible to pay for, including the maid levy, salary, security bond, personal accident insurance, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, food and lodging.
  4. Maid placement fee – mainly for the overseas supplier costs incurred to recruit, train and process out the maid. Placement fees are borne by the maid. The employer pays this in advance and on behalf of the maid, and gets a refund from the employment agency if there is premature termination of the maid’s employment.
An employer is advised to ask the maid agency as many questions as possible and understand the terms and conditions before signing any agreements or contracts. A responsible maid agency would make clear of all costs involved.

What do I do if my maid is missing?

The employer must immediately file a missing police report and cancel the work permit within seven days from the point that the maid has gone missing.

Do I need to purchase a Personal Accident Insurance plan for my maid?

Yes, this is compulsory requirement by MOM.

Do I need to pay for my maid’s medical expenses?

Yes, this is compulsory requirement by MOM. The employer must bear the full cost of the maid’s medical treatments (including hospitalization). The employer can choose to take a medical insurance for the maid with a minimum of $15,000 coverage.

What is the 6ME?

A FDW is required to go for a 6-Monthly Medical Examination (hence “6ME”) for pregnancy and venereal disease screening. The Employer will receive the instructions in a letter and report form.

What do I do if my maid is pregnant?

You must notify MOM’s Work Pass Division via email or fax with several required information. If the FDW has a spouse who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident; or is an Employment Pass or S Pass Holder, then further information will be required.

What is the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP)?

This programme is to help employers gain a basic understanding of their role and responsibilities when hiring a FDW. The duration is 3 hours and the setting may be in a classroom or online. This is compulsory for first time employers before submitting the work permit application. An exemption request can be made through an online application if it meets several conditions (eg. the employer suffers from chronic medical condition and a Sponsor of minimum 21 years old has attended the programme on the employer’s behalf).

What do I need to know about the maid levy and levy concession?

All employers are required to pay the FDW levy at the end of each month via GIRO (General Interbank Recurring Order). Currently (as of October 2013), the normal levy rate is $265, while the concessionary rate is $120. Levy concession can be applied for under 3 schemes: young child/grandchild, aged person, persons with disability.

What is a security bond?

All employers are required to bear responsibility for the FDW repatriation to her home country and execute a security bond to MOM. Under this bond, a security deposit of $5,000 is required to be posted by the employer and can be in the form of an insurance or banker’s guarantee. If the employer somehow fails to repatriate the FDW upon work permit cancellation, this deposit may be forfeited.

What is the Weekly Rest Day requirement by MOM?

All FDWs with work permits issued on or after 1st January 2013 are entitled to a weekly rest day. The employer may choose to compensate the FDW for working on their rest day, if there is a mutual written agreement between the two parties.

What is the Safety Agreement that all employers hiring a maid have to sign?

This agreement is to ensure awareness and understanding of MOM’s requirements when cleaning the exterior of windows. The maid agency is required to facilitate the signing of the Safety Agreement between the employer and the FDW, regardless if new or transfer FDW, before the deployment of the maid at the Employer’s home. For new FDWs, this is done after the FDW has attended the Settling-In-Programme (or safety awareness course).

What do I do if I have any disputes with my maid?

Misunderstandings and differences in expectations between the Employer and the maid may happen and cause a dispute. It is advisable for the Employer to make an attempt to resolve it with the maid in a calm and reasonable manner. For any assistance, the Employer can always turn to either the maid agency or MOM for consultation. Also, conciliation service is free by MOM (and some maid agencies)

What are the penalties for abuse and ill-treatment of maids?

Employers who abuse or ill-treats their FDWs will be severely dealt with. A prompt and thorough investigation by the Singapore Police will be conducted and if charged in court and found guilty, the Employer may be jailed, fined and/or caned.

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